Idaho Bucket List ~ South Central Region

Moving back to the south of the state today, we focus in on the South Central region.


  • Castle Rocks State Park: Beautiful state park filled with rock formations.
  • City of Rocks National Reserve: Another national reserve and state park filled with unique rock formations.


  • Balanced Rock Park: Check out this unique formation created by wind over time.

Twin Falls

  • Shoshone Falls Park: Waterfall along the Snake River, sometimes referred to as “Niagara Falls of the West.”

All attractions found in the 2020 Idaho Adventure Guide.

Idaho Bucket List ~ Central Region

Today we head further into the state of Idaho and explore the Central region.


  • Craters of the Moon National Monument: This area preserves three major lava fields.


  • Land of the Yankee Fork State Park: You can visit three different ghost parks located within this park.


  • Sawtooth Botanical Garden: Explore a high altitude botanical garden.


  • Sacajawea Interpretive, Cultural, and Education Center: Beautiful area to hike and explore and visit the center to learn more about Sacajawea and her time on the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


  • Lemhi Pass: Location where Lewis and Clark crossed the continental divide. Located on the border of Montana and Idaho.

All attractions found in the 2020 Idaho Adventure Guide.

Idaho Bucket List ~ Southwest Region

Today we head into the southwest corner of Idaho and visit the area that is home to the state’s capitol, Boise.


  • Idaho State Capitol Building: Of course we have a goal to visit every capitol building, so this is a must.
  • Idaho State Museum: Great way to check out the history of the state.
  • Old Idaho Penitentiary: Explore over 100 years of Idaho’s prison history.
  • Zoo Boise: I love exploring different zoos.


  • Bruneau Dunes State Park: Features giant sand dunes.


  • Kirkham Hot Springs: Explore numerous geothermal springs in varying temperatures at the bottom of the wooden stairs.
  • Pine Flats Hot Springs: This set of hot springs also features a geothermal waterfall.


  • Swan Falls Dam Historic Powerhouse and Museum: This is the oldest hydroelectric project on the Snake River.

All attractions found in the 2020 Idaho Adventure Guide.

Idaho Bucket List ~ North Central Region

Today we head a little further south into Idaho and explore the North Central Region.


  • Canoe Camp and Long Camp: These are both segments of the Nez Perce National Historic Site and detail time the Lewis and Clark expedition spent working with the Nez Perce.


  • Hells Gate State Park: Located at the Snake River’s downstream entrance to Hells Canyon, the deepest canyon in North America.
  • Lewis and Clark Discovery Center: Located within Hells Gate State Park, it contains an outdoor interactive center and a film about the time Lewis and Clark spent in the area.


  • Nez Perce National Historic Park: While Nez Perce National Historic Park has units spread across 4 states, this is where the parks main visitor center and headquarters is located.

All attractions found in the 2020 Idaho Adventure Guide.

Idaho Bucket List ~ Northern Region

Today we start another new state in the Bucket List series: Idaho. These last few weeks doing research for Montana and Idaho have shown me that I am especially feeling drawn to these two states! So many fun hiking parks in both! All of these lists will be a little shorter, but that’s just because the state is split into seven different regions! We’ll start up north!


  • Farragut State Park: Check out the Museum at the Brig that details about naval training. Farragut was once the second largest naval training base in the nation.


  • Round Lake State Park: This park has a fun “Swamp Tromp” trail to explore.


  • Center of the Universe: Check out this fun and unique landmark.

All attractions found in the 2020 Idaho Adventure Guide.

Montana Bucket List ~ Glacier Country Region

Today we move to the final region of Montana, and the only area of the state I’ve ever visited. We spent a week at Glacier National Park back in 2014 and I can’t wait to return someday! The next time we visit, we hope to wait until later summer so the whole main road will be open! Following this bucket list series, we will move into Idaho next!


  • Garden of One Thousand Buddhas: Spiritual site within the Flathead Indian Reservation.


  • Ninepipe Museum of Early Montana: Learn all about the early state history and the settlers of the area.
  • Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge: Great place along a lake to view wildlife.

Cleanwater Junction

  • Hefty Hereford: Check out this unique roadside attraction!


  • Painted Rocks State Park: Park named for the unique colors found in the rock formations.


  • Savenac Nursery: Visit one of the oldest forest tree nurseries.


  • Kootenai Falls: Beautiful free flowing falls located just off the highway and visible from a swinging bridge.


  • Mount Sentinel: Hike the ‘M’ that overlooks the University of Montana.
  • Smokejumper Visitor Center: Home to the largest smokejumper base in the nation, this offers visitors a glimpse into the lives and work of this demanding job.


  • Kerr Dam: View a large concrete gravity arch dam.

West Glacier

  • Glacier National Park: Of course the gem of the region, this park is huge and needs multiple visits to be explored fully.

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Montana Bucket List ~ Southwest Region

As we head to the more mountainous region of Montana, our bucket list options grow longer! Here’s what the Southwest has to offer.


  • Anaconda Smoke Stack State Park: Check out the old Anaconda Copper Company Smelter Stack, one of the largest free standing brick structures in the world.
  • Lost Creek State Park: Features beautiful cliffs and a waterfall.


  • Granite Mountain Memorial Overlook: Overlook that tells the story of the Spectacular Fire Disaster.
  • Old Lexington Stamp Mill and Gardens: This garden was the historic site of many things that made Butte the town it is today.
  • Ringing Rocks Point of Interest: This rocks make a chiming noise when struck with a hammer.

Deer Lodge

  • Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site: Commemorates the Western cattle industry.


  • Bannack Ghost Town State Park: Site of an old mining town with several buildings that can be explored.
  • Clark’s Lookout State Park: Encompasses a hill William Clark climbed during the expedition that over looks the Beaverhead River.


  • Lewis and Clark: The Montana Experience: Learn about 19 sites Lewis and Clark explored throughout Montana.
  • Montana Historical Society: Museum detailing the history of the state.
  • Montana State Capitol: Another state capitol to check off our list!

Jefferson City

  • Tizer Botanic Gardens and Arboretum: Beautiful gardens filled with native Montana plants.


  • Norris Hot Springs: Come soak in the hot spring fed pool.


  • Granite Ghost Town State Park: Showcases the remains of a silver boomtown.


  • Crimson Bluffs: Unique rock formation along the Missouri River that was recorded by Lewis during the expedition.


  • Big Hole National Battlefield: Preserves a Nez Perce War Battlefield.

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