Llywelyn’s Pub~ St. Charles, MO

After our brewery tour, we decided to head over to downtown St. Charles, just across the Missouri River. As I said in the previous post, we had planned to eat lunch at the Biergarten at the brewery, but since our tour was done much sooner than we’d thought and we weren’t hungry yet, we needed something to fill our time.

Our original plan for the day had been to go over to the Missouri Botanical Garden, but seeing as how the temperature was already approaching 100, we opted to skip walking around in the heat of the gardens and instead drive out to see Historic Main Street in St. Charles, just along the Missouri River.

The great thing about St. Charles is that there is a lot of free parking behind main street, just opposite the road that runs along the river front park. Main Street is filled with tons of historic buildings that are home to lots of cute, quaint, gift shops and restaurants. We really enjoyed checking out several art galleries filled with art from local Missouri artists, a hot sauce shop, and many other trinket filled shops. Andrew and I went back in the fall and also enjoyed stopping by an olive oil store, where they let you sample several different oils they produce.

As we neared the end of our walk on Main Street, we decided we were hungry enough for lunch. Andrew has always mentioned taking me to Llywelyn’s Pub before, so this seemed like a good time to try it. They have 9 locations in the St. Louis area. This one was located in what was clearly an old bank, because you could still see a large, old vault inside.

While they had large ceiling fans going during our time at the restaurant, I’m not convinced they had any actual AC, given I never felt like I cooled down much. I opted to just order the Pretzel Stick appetizer, partly because I wasn’t overly hungry from the heat, and partly because that’s what I would have ordered at the Biergarten had we been able to eat there.


I honestly don’t remember what my sister ordered, but those are her fries in the background. We both agreed that the food was good, but nothing spectacular.

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