Anheuser-Busch Brewery ~ St. Louis, MO

On our last full day in St. Louis, my sister and I decided to tour the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. I’ve done this tour before and also reviewed in on the blog, but seeing as how this experience was a little different, I’ll review it again.

The regular tour is free to any who come in, but you may have to wait for your tour to begin. That’s really no problem as they have a large gift shop you can browse and also several displays in the waiting area that you can look at to give you a heads up on what you might see along your tour.  Anyone of any age can tour the facilities. My sister and I got lucky in that there were only two or three other groups that were on our tour with us, so it was easy to be able to see everything without being in anybody’s way.

The tour does have a bit of walking, but nothing too major. It’s all pretty level terrain. The first stop on the tour is the Clydesdale Stables. This is home to the famous Budweiser Clydesdale that you see in all the TV commercials. Since we were with a smaller group we were able to get up close to one of the horses to get a nice picture.

From there you walk a little further down the road to head into the Aging Cellars. It is much cooler in this room. This is where the beer is stored in large vats to age.

Following time in the Aging Cellar you are led to their hospitality room. Here is where you need your ID handy as they will give you a sample of beer and then a token for use at the end of the tour for another full sample in their Biergarten. Last time I toured, I tried BudLite and did not find it appealing, so I went for the straight up Budweiser this time around. Sadly, I still just don’t like beer. While you sip on your samples, they describe the whole process of how ingredients are added to make the beer you hold in your hands.

The weird part of the tour to me came following that speech. In the past, we turned to our left and got to head up the elevators to visit the Mashing Room, but this time around, they simply led us back outside to end the tour and take us to the Biergarten. I was a little disappointed to have it cut much shorter than previous times.

We had originally planned to have lunch at the Biergarten, but it seemed way to early for that so we decided to try a sample using our token. You can trade in your token for a glass of anything they have on tap. I can’t remember exactly what we tried, but it was supposed to be more citrus flavored. I’m going to be honest and say, all I tasted was the beer flavor. I had a few small sips and left the rest.


As said above, the brewery tour was fun and informative, but I felt disappointed that the third stop wasn’t added in this time. However, if this had been my first time there and I hadn’t known about them having an additional stop I’d have enjoyed that tour a lot, so it’s still worthwhile to visit.

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