Mesa Pizza ~ Iowa City, IA

Boy it’s a good thing we didn’t discover this place until late into our year in Iowa City. I’m pretty sure way too much of our money would have gone here otherwise!

Mesa Pizza is an eclectic counter-serve pizza place in downtown Iowa City that serves Pizza by the Slice. It is one of the most narrow restaurants I’ve ever been in, and I’m sad I didn’t get any pictures of the inside, but I also always felt weird trying to get pictures inside because since the place is so small and narrow, other people were sometimes giving me weird looks. I’m not one to intrude on privacy, so I quit trying.

It’s a pretty dark and warehouse-y feeling space, with alien graffiti murals painted along one wall. The counter where you order is all the way in the back. I like that they have their pizza counter split into two categories. The meat side and the vegetarian side. I’m not vegetarian, but am usually pretty plain Jane when it comes to pizza so the vegetarian side is usually my go to. They have several different types of pizzas pre-made at the counter. The easiest thing to do is just start asking the person working what each type you think looks interesting as on it.

Andrew and I both opted for the Macaroni and cheese pizza. They take the giant slices and pop them in the oven for a few minutes to warm them back up to a great pizza temperature and then hand them over to you.


What I love about this place, besides the whole pizza by the slice thing, is that you can also get a can of soda. Sometimes all I want is a can, but most places only do fountain drinks. Even better was the fact that I could get a Mountain Dew Throwback (another rare restaurant occurrence) and they also had a variety of Crush sodas to choose from in cans which made Andrew happy as well.

The one downside is that while they have several pizzas in each category made up at the counter, there’s no sure way of knowing what options will be available when you walk up to the counter. Each time we visited they had the Macaroni pizza, but I never saw a plain cheese slice there. They have several other interesting sounding pizza types on their menu online, but again, not all were always available. I’m guessing you could probably put in a request when you get there, but you’d have to wait awhile for it to cook. Online it also says they can deliver, so I’m sure that would be another way to get something different that might not be available out on the counter.

I love that one slice of pizza here was large enough to fill me up and that it was quite budget friendly.

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