Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor~ Le Mars, IA

After driving from Bismarck, ND with a pit stop in De Smet, SD, we reached Le Mars, IA. Before we turned into our hotel for the night we decided to check out the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor for dessert. It’s nice because it’s open later into the evening.

The Ice Cream Parlor is located on the main street in downtown Le Mars. It’s easy to find because there’s a giant ice cream cone and sign out front. Don’t confuse this with the multiple other ice cream cone statues located around town. This one is much bigger.


After walking in the doors, the entrance is quite elaborate. There is a gift shop to the left and the soda fountain to the left. There is seating downstairs and additional seating upstairs also, but even with it being busier, there weren’t any people upstairs.

Articles and reviews I read about the Ice cream parlor said there was also a museum, but all it really is is a few display cases of memorabilia in the upstairs area.

After checking out the material in the display cases, we went back downstairs to get our ice cream. We each got a single scoop in a dish and it was more than enough! We probably could have shared. I’ve been back once since that time and found out that you can get a kiddie size. That’s a much better option in my opinion! They also have many different sundaes to choose from, including a specialty one that I believe they switch out every month.


They ice cream was well worth the visit but I do wish they had more to the museum portion.

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