Sunday July 12, 2015- Topeka, Kansas

Day 1 of our 3rd anniversary trip brought us to Topeka, Kansas. Neither of us had ever been to Kansas before.  Maybe we didn’t get far enough into Kansas, but it certainly was a lot hillier than I expected.  As we drove through Kansas City on the Missouri side we had the opportunity to view both the Kansas City Royals Stadium and the Kansas City Chiefs Stadium.  They sit right next to each other!

We also got to experience life on the Kansas Turnpike.  Let’s just say it was quite the experience.  It turns out that you don’t just pay a normal toll like other toll booths I’ve experienced in Illinois.  You pull up and take a ticket.  Later when you get off they collect your toll based on the distance between the two toll points.

We arrived in Topeka around 3pm.  We decided to check out Kansas Museum of History since it’s not open on Monday’s and we only had Sunday and Monday to spend in Topeka.  The museum is located on the North side of town, pretty far away from any other attractions in Topeka.  The museum has lots of neat exhibits throughout the history of Kansas.  Sometimes it can be a little bit confusing as to which direction to turn but all in all a great learning experience.

Following our time at the museum, we got settled into our hotel.  We stayed at the Super 8 at Forbes Landing.  It was located pretty far south of town, and driving along seemed like there was nothing down in that area, but the hotel was very new looking and had an indoor pool!  The staff were friendly and it was a very quiet stay.

We tried Cici’s pizza for dinner that night.  Really good chain pizza restaurant.  All you can eat pizza, pasta, and salad (including dessert pizza’s) for just $5.55 a person! I can’t wait to go there again.  Loved the bread sticks and loved the buffalo chicken pizza.

We ended the night hanging out at our hotel and enjoying some time in the pool since it was so warm the week of our trip!

Cost for the day: $107.02

Museum admission: $16 Dinner cost: $11 Hotel cost: $80.02

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