Monday July 13, 2015- Topeka, Kansas

Day 2 in Kansas gave us a full morning in Topeka and then a drive back to Kansas City.

Our first stop of the day was the state capitol building.  Kansas’ building is unique because it actually has two domes: an inner dome and an outer dome.  They offer two different tours: a historical tour of the building or the dome tour.  Even though Andrew had a fear of heights, we opted for the dome tour since that is always the highlight of visiting capitol buildings for me.  We began the tour at the 5th level.  A quick stair climb up we found ourselves on the 7th level sitting at the very top of the dome.  Next we went up another flight of stairs to get us to the outer dome.  This is where Andrew choose to stop.  I had one more level and then a long climb up a spiral staircase to reach the final destination….and outdoor balcony that provides the best views in the city.  Coming down was rather terrifying, so Andrew was probably smart to stay where he did!

Following our visit to the capitol, we went to Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site.  This is the site of the actual school that showed “separate but equal.”  This was a neat place to visit because even though they have put in exhibits detailing the timeline that led to Equal Rights, the building still had all the old characteristics it would have had back then.  They even have an old classroom set up like a Kindergarten classroom.  Well worth the visit.

Our final stop in Topeka was the Museum of the Kansas National Guard.  This museum was actually located back towards our hotel.  We went here because Andrew is always interested in military history, but I must say I was in for a pleasant surprise as well to discover that this museum houses a replica tv set from M*A*S*H*.

We grabbed a quick lunch at Burger King before heading out of town.  Our first stop in Kansas City was the American Girl Store since I was (and sort of still am) and avid collector and it’s on my bucket list to visit each store.  This store is still located on the Kansas side of Kansas City and was about half an hour from our hotel for the night.  I got my souvenir shirt while there and then we drove up to our hotel.  We stayed near the airport, which isn’t the closest to all the Kansas City attractions, but offers a nice budget stay and had an outdoor pool (Andrew always considers a pool a necessity, and this hot week I’m sure glad he did.)  We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner since it was right up the road from our hotel and then spent the night hanging out in the pool at the Sleep Inn.

Total Cost for the Day: $112.09

All attractions: free Lunch: $14.88 Dinner: $27.71 Hotel stay: $69.50

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